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Legal Gun Ownership

Legal Gun Ownership In the US, the increase in cases of gun violence has generated heated debates over legal gun ownership (Krouse 33). Thirty-three states permit its lawful citizens to own firearms. The Right to Carry (RTC) law allows law-abiding citizens to be issued with gun permits. Critics assert that the current increase in the number of gun related crimes results from the country’s lenient gun ownership law.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Legal Gun Ownership specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to critics, appropriate gun policies and legislations would reduce the ever-increasing cases of violence in our society. However, those who advocate for gun ownership have challenged the belief that amendments of gun ownership laws would reduce the number of criminals with firearms. Proponents assert that having more guns in private hands would reduce the level of crimes. Based on the above arguments, this paper seeks to high light the reasons why gun ownership law should not be amended.  My position differs from those who propose that gun legislations should be reviewed. I believe that the introduction of gun control measures in the US would violate the people’s rights as stipulated in the US constitution. This implies that the government is obliged to safeguard individuals’ rights by ensuring that all Americans are allowed to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their properties. Gun rights advocates estimate that up to 3.6 million defensive uses of gun are reported annually (Ferro 153). According to the US Department of Justice, the figure is said to be higher since most self-defense scenarios go unreported. Through these incidences, it is a fact that citizens can successfully defend themselves with guns. Similarly, individuals who own guns should be aware of these rights, and acknowledge that the right of an individual to own and bear arms is not just a slogan but central part of the Second Amendment. In the society, several factors influence the prevalence of crime and violence. Poverty, drug abuse, and psychological issues are the major factors to blame for the increase in the rate of gun related violence in our societies. Similarly, unavailability of strict gun law has been blamed for the increase in the murder and suicide cases in the US (Roleff 90). Sociologists suggest that relevant stakeholders should tackle with these underlying issues for the gun related violence in our society to reduce (Sheptycki 310). Researchers have indicated that if gun control were enacted in the US, law-abiding gun owners would reduce in number. On the contrary, the number of criminals with guns might not reduce.Advertising Looking for essay on common law? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is postulated that if private gun ownership was banned, criminals would still access these weapons using other illegal means. This implies that crime rate might increases, as criminals would be the only ones armed leaving the public unprotected. Through these recommendations, gun proponents argue that the current gun legislations are the most effective means of reducing crime if they are fully implemented. I believe that if more citizens that are law-abiding own more guns, criminals would be more scared to commit acts of violence. This theory bases its effectiveness on the fact that criminals fear to attack armed individuals. According to classic and neoclassic theories, criminals are rational individuals who can reduce the violent acts if the perceived costs of crime prevail over the perceived gains from committing a crime (Wintemute 156). This implies that an increase in the number of legally permitted guns would lead to a reduction in gun related violence and crimes due to the increase in the cost of committing such crimes. Similarly, research findings indicate that states that enforce laws permi tting legally abiding citizens to carry concealed guns have realized a drop in crimes and violence. The drop in crimes and violence is attributed to reactions criminals, especially those without guns, respond to when the cost of committing crime increases. Notably, it has been pointed out that criminals shift their criminal activities to conducive states without RTC laws when RTC laws are enacted in specific states. In some instances, criminals have shifted to other types of crimes such as larceny because of enforcement of RTC laws. In this regard, the government should stop its initiatives of trying to implement tougher gun control measures. Instead, the government should increase sentencing penalties and waiting periods to discourage criminals from committing their wrongful acts. Those who oppose RTC laws have presented several arguments as to why allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed guns is dangerous (Lott William 36). According to their opinions, the concept that in crease in the ownership of guns by the citizens would reduce crime is based on limited researches. These individuals believe that more researches should be carried out to substantiate on such claims. Similarly, these individuals believe that there are many unlawfully guns being carried before the law. Therefore, an increase in the number of permitted guns does not mean that the level of protection would increase. Instead, they suggest that the increase in the number of legally permitted guns would increase the pool with which criminals would access guns.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Legal Gun Ownership specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Another reason why I believe gun legislations should remain unrevised is that gun industries contribute huge revenue to our overall GDP. In the USA, gun industries manufacture several guns for sale in the country and overseas. Through this, several jobs and taxable proceeds have bee n generated improving on our economy. Although gun control proponents suggest that the negative effects of private gun ownership in the society outweigh these benefits, it should be noted that the gun industry has every right to rear up and fight back as tobacco industries.  In conclusion, we should acknowledge that if tough gun control laws are enacted other problems would arise. Similarly, we should dismiss the gun legislation myths and believe in scientifically proven facts. It might be true that the removal of guns would reduce gun related violence, murders, and other crimes, but such moves will make it easier for criminals to prey on weaker citizens who would find it difficult to defend themselves. Similarly, we should note that the number of suicides and homicides would not reduce with the removal of guns. As an alternative, we should note that there are several unpreventable options people would explore to commit homicides and suicides. For instance, if the number of guns o wned by the public is reduced, individuals opting to commit suicides and homicides would turn to other means that might endanger the lives of other individuals in ways that shooting do not. Equally, we should let the public decide on whether gun control legislations are appropriate, as interferences with these laws would not only be against their constitutional rights, but would also undermine the returns gained from the gun industries. Ferro, Geffry Gun shows across a multistate American gun market: observational evidence of the effects of regulatory policies. Inj Prev 13.4 (2006): 140-155. Print.  In this journal, Ferro explores several effects of gun legislation across several states in the US. Krouse, William. Gun Control Legislation. Congressional Research Service 1.12 (2012): 1 118. CRS. Web.  The journal focuses on several researches that have been done on private gun ownership.Advertising Looking for essay on common law? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Lott, John, and William Landes. Multiple Victim Public Shootings, Bombings, and Right-to Carry Concealed Handgun Laws: Contrasting Private and Public Law Enforcement. Social Science Research Network Working Paper Series 1.1 (1999): 22-56. Cite You Like. Web.  Lott and William highlight several cases of public shooting in the US in a bid to bring into light the dangers of private gun ownership. Roleff, Tamara. Consensus statement on youth suicide by firearms. Archives of Suicide Research 4.1 (1998): 89-94. Cite You Like. Web.  This journal examines the prevalence of youth suicides by firearms in the last few years. Sheptycki, James. Guns, crime and social order. Criminology and Criminal Justice 9.3 (2009): 307-336. Cite You Like. Web.  This journal compares the relations between violence in the society and the number of guns owned by the citizens. Wintemute, Garen. Gun shows across a multistate American gun market: observational evidence of the effects of regulatory policies. I nj Prev 13.3 (2007): 150-155. Cite You Like. Web.  In this journal, Wintemute explores several effects of gun legislation across several states in the US.

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Effective Public Administrative System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Effective Public Administrative System - Essay Example Organizations must ensure that their employees follow the required procedures while handling their daily duties so that negative impacts are experienced and the organization achieves its desired outcomes. The technological advancement pressures the need for expertise in every field of production, improved living conditions, and an informed decision-making. An organization for example oil-producing company must have and implement strict policies governing its operations, occupational health, and compliance to the state laws governing processing and manufacturing industries (United Nations, 2005). The state requires that such companies must conduct environmental impact assessment so that they do not cause more harm to the environment and the people living within the vicinity of the industry. The state has in place the regulations and standards a company must meet before carrying out its operations, which the management of the organization must ensure that it complies and meets them, fa ilure to which permit is denied (United Nations, 2005). Oil producing companies require employees with technical expertise in the field of engineering to undertake most of its operations. The recruiting team of the company must ensure that they follow proper ways of employing, so that they do not end up messing with their operations, which consequences are faced by the society. The required knowledge and experience as per the law must be met; employing a software engineer to undertake, direct and supervise oil mining is not practical. The United Nations (2005) indicated that administrative staff of a company must ensure that their employees undergo appropriate induction training relevant to their area of specialization before they start working independently. Laxity in development and implementation of such policies might cause mishandling materials and machines resulting into an explosion causing injuries and deaths. Health facilities are very sensitive area that requires its emplo yees, nurses and doctors, to be qualified and certified by the board. A pharmacist cannot even at one point undertake surgery. It will be going against human right and is unethical as per the work norms and regulations of the country. Deaths will be caused; therefore, the government must ensure that people who are not trained and certified should by the authorizing body do not operate a medical facility, as that is breach of law which the individual must be punished for. Nurses who serve patients impolitely do not deserve to do the jobm because the patients might get traumatized due to stress. The impact caused could have been prevented if there were strict policies and regulations (United Nations, 2005). According to United Nations (2005), corruption is a barrier towards attainment of strong and effective administration of public policies. When politics is allowed to influence the functioning of an organization, for instance, when somebody presents his or her candidate for a certai n position, the independence of the organization no longer exists. The judicial system must be independent and reforms have to be made after a period, so that weaker laws are strengthened. Relying with the old system poses more problems than good to the society. Adoption of new technology improves the performance and operations of an organization. Acquisition of equipment that detects danger and alerts the employees reduces the number of risks

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Film Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Film - Assignment Example e story is that it uses a constant location, regular actors, and a black and white picture which tends to be somewhat a serious choice for a comic script, yet the film does wonders as a romantic comedy. I would highly recommend this light-hearted movie to those who love romantic comedies, Shakespeare’s stories, and a strong script. Dogberry is the character in the play which is the comic incompetent figure. The character which particularly plays the comic part in typical Shakespeare’s plays is Dogberry, the police constable who is responsible for the happy conclusion as he builds a bridge between the comedy and tragedy and restores the social and emotional order. The character has many differences and similarities when it is about the text and the film. In the film, Whedon has adapted the 16th century play with modern dresses and looks of the characters. Dogberry’s character comes in the film quite later and he is a person with a swaggering persona and wears dark sunglasses, and he sounds smart. The film shows his witty humour and a lack of vocabulary unlike the play where he is full of humorous sentences. The characters are different as he has modern dressing and props, and are similar as they are the comical character that leads to a happy conclusion. Act 2 Scene 3 and Act 3 Scene 1 are companion scenes where Benedick and Beatrice’s friends are tricking them to fall in love and to make them realise that they are already in love. As film is different than any other form of art because it is continuously in a visual movement, the quality utilized in these two scenes is supposedly hard to portray. This is because the two scenes comprise of various transitions that take place one after another. However, the screenplay and the elements of transition in these two scenes have helped in maintaining the quality and purpose of the scenes. In films there are many times where scenes can be redone or broken into parts and then being shot, however in a stage

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Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 29

Strategic Management - Essay Example ividuals within a country’s population will have exactly the same characteristics, the cultural dimensions will colour the institutional and administrative arrangements that are made within the country, and will set the norms for behaviour.† Using your understanding of Whittington’s (2000) ‘Systemic School of Thought’, critically evaluate the implications of these cultural dimensions for international strategic managers at KFC in building productive relationships with the outside world. The performance of each industry in the global market is depended on a series of factors. There are industries where competition is extremely high and where the exposure to risks can be significant. Using strategic tools and techniques can help managers to control risks for their organization even if market pressures are strong. KFC is an important competitor in the global fast food industry. The firm is owned by Yum! Brands, one of the strongest rivals of the above industry. Managers in KFC have tried to use the continuous expansion as a strategy for securing organizational growth. This practice has been proved effective, at least up to now. From 2013 onwards, changes should be made in regard to the strategic planning process used in KFC. The use of well known frameworks, such as Whittington’s ‘Evolutionary’ and ‘Systemic’ Schools of Thought could help the organization to increase the effectiveness of its strategies and to strengthen its market posi tion. a) In the context of the process of strategic thinking and strategy formation, outline what SWOT and Porter’s Value Chain techniques are, and explain their practical relevance to strategic planners at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Corporation. In order to develop effective strategies managers in modern organizations use a variety of tools. Each of these tools responds to specific needs of organizations in terms of strategic thinking and strategy formation. In any case, it has been proved that firms of all

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Tom Robinson is Proved Guilty Before Trial Essays -- Kill Mockingbird

Tom Robinson is Proved Guilty Before Trial In the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Tom Robinson, the black man falsely convicted of rape, had absolutely no chance of a fair trial. There is proof of this in the time period in which it occurred as well as evidence from the novel itself. Tom Robinson had an unfair trial because it was his word against the Ewell’s, a white, trashy family. To Kill A Mockingbird took place in the 1930’s, a time that was enormously charged with racial tension. One example of this is the existence of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Even though the KKK was in a time of decline in the 1930’s, it had been very prominent in the 1920’s and had still not completely died out. The KKK had rallies and marches. They even marched in Washington D.C. several times. They burned crosses on the lawns of any white person who would show favor towards blacks in an effort to scare them away from helping black folks. The KKK was an extremely violent group. â€Å"While African-Americans still bore the brunt of much Klan violence, Jews and Catholics topped the enemy’s list, followed by immigrants and those who transgressed Klan’s vision of morality† (â€Å"History†). The KKK showed their violence in several ways. Lynchings occurred very frequently as did raids of people’s homes. Although not all lynchings were caused by the KKK most of them were. Lynchings were held very often in the South during the time when the KKK was prominent. During these lynchings, people were often pulled from their homes at night, beaten within an inch of their lives, and sometimes they were hanged or burned alive. These lynchings occurred most frequently among black people although white people were lynched as well. After t... The fact that the trial took place in the 1930’s in the South put automatic guilt over Tom Robinson’s head. He did nothing wrong, but that was not enough to convince the jury of his innocence. Works Cited Chalmers, Allan K. They Shall Be Free. Garden City: Doubleday & Company, 1951. "History of the Ku Klux Klan: The Second Era of the Ku Klux Klan, 1915, 1944." 13 Feb. 2001. Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird. New York: Warner Books, 1960. "Scottsboro Case." 1999-2000. Encyclopedia Brittanica. 11 Mar. 2001.,577,68092,00.html. Pansdell, Hollace. "Report on the Scottsboro, Ala. Case ." American Civil Liberties Union 27 May 1931. 11 Mar. 2001

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Policing Domestic Violence Essay

Domestic violence can be considered to be an act of violence which has been observed to occur in every socio-economic class as well as within all cultures. Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of coercive control that one individual intermittently exerts over another by means of spiritual, emotional, sexual, physical or economic abuse (http://www. dvvap. org/i). This form of exploitation has victimized mostly the women and children and men in much fewer cases and it continues to be perpetrated all over the world. In some regions or nations of the world, domestic violence has become a daily occurrence. Domestic violence leads to very drastic effects on the family, especially if perpetrated on both women and children. When this form of violence is done through physical harm, it results to injury, disability or even death in victims. Mental problems that may also occur usually make the victims feel unloved, lonely and have low self-esteem. Depression occurs in many victims of psychological abuse, which in turn may cause severe isolation of the victims from family and friends. Sexual violence and incest are other forms of domestic violence. In some regions of the world, domestic violence causes continue to rise due to patriarchal, cultural and religious traditions, (Human Rights Watch, 2005. , pp 12). All over the world, different governments handle domestic violence in many ways due to differing views on violence Different proposals have been presented to encourage the governments to have certain views on this form of violence. According to Lisa, domestic violence should be treated as a political and public problem. It should also be viewed as a breach of the human rights. It is a violation of human rights which every individual is entitled to. Those who perpetrate actions of violence against the others should be stopped, (Lisa, H. 78-79). Policing domestic violence refers to a scientifically developed application that aims at solving the domestic violence problem. In the past, it has involved testing of hypothesis in relation to the classification, prediction and the domestic violence prevention. Policing domestic violence policing as a tool of solving domestic violence also experiences several challenges as a crime prevention strategy (Hoctor, M. 53). In order to identify more effective policing strategies for domestic violence prevention and control, a culture of science is very necessary where the strategy integrates trial and error as a norm in crime prevention. The domestic violence policing programs aim at offering support to victims of domestic violence while at the same time preventing domestic violence. However, the public has raised concern about the domestic violence public policy. Lawrence et al states that in the past, the public has been concerned about the domestic violence policy. This is because it is sometimes based on ideology and it lacks evidence based on science. The public advocates for an effective domestic violence policing which should be practical and also be implemented appropriately. This would be a very good measure in preventing domestic violence (Lawrence S. et al, 24). In the last decade, police response to domestic violence has been criticized with a claim that the police did not take violence incidents seriously. However, effective measures to curb domestic violence are being developed and implemented through better policing. In this paper, the domestic violence policing issue will be discussed. The ethical stance of domestic violence in policing will be looked at, as well as the police departments’ responsibility of policing. The past system and current issues arising due to violence will be evaluated. Discussion For effective policing in domestic violence, a cultural evolution in policing needs to be developed in order to support the scientific revolution in order to solve the domestic violence problem. The cultural evolution rapid movement requires a growing partnership between the police and criminologists, public health community officers and professional scientists. Coherence of approach by the different police units to domestic violence is promoted by policy statements or documents where the Police officers introduce the policy documents with varying extent and content. With the increasing reports of domestic violence to the police, the police service has been required to utilize their limited resources to improve domestic violence service delivery to the people. Domestic violence is a great concern for the community where the police intervene in many cases. Whenever the police receive an initial call for assistance, it is their responsibility to provide immediate protection to the victim due to the fact that the police have certain powers which allow them to respond to domestic violence incidents. Whether the victims feel confident in contacting the police departments later in future will depend on how the police perform their tasks when the victim makes the initial contact (Lawrence, S. 126). The police have a major role in arresting criminals or offenders with the perpetrators of domestic violence considered as criminals because they undermine the human rights of the victims. The suspects are usually arrested and charged if there is enough evidence of violence against the victim. However, law enforcement officers should ensure that the suspect’s rights are not violated until the truth is established much later as one of the requirement in the police departmental policy. The police forces have domestic violence policy documents which contain written aims and priorities that are expected to assist them either solve, prevent or reduce domestic violence incidents. The policy documents normally contain the domestic violence definition, its implications, as well as guidance about the various police response components. The responsibility to implement domestic violence policies is something that is shared across a range of the police roles. The policies are very vital in protecting domestic violence victims against actions of exploitation such as domestic violence involving withholding of economic resources from a victim. Some children are even denied education through this form of abuse, as well partners who do not work. This denies the victims their basic needs, which is considered unethical and unacceptable. Domestic violence policing prevents this form of exploitation and instead promotes ethical practices in the society. Through policing, public safety problems are defined, analyzed and effective solutions to the problems addressed. Though the society is responsible for propagating ethics, it sometimes undermines the ethics if it allows domestic violence to occur without taking any action. For instance, in patriarchal societies, men are sometimes allowed to completely dominate over women. This had led to lack of knowledge and empowerment in women to speak out against violence, whereby the victims lack the ability to express their views and opinions with those who do not adhere to this being severely punished through domestic violence. Domestic violence policies have been developed to address such cultural practices with the police ensuring that law enforcement in relation to such policies is carried out. The police department should have the responsibility of policing domestic violence in the community because they are law enforcers who are responsible for ensuring law and order is maintained in the society and the human rights are well protected. Preventing and reducing domestic violence is one of the ways in which the human rights of everyone in the community are protected. For instance in Australia, police powers and procedures are well set out in the Crimes Act 1990(Policing Domestic Violence in New South Wales NSW, 1999). In addition, the police powers can be found in the police guidelines, referred to as Domestic Violence Standard Operating Procedures. Another example can be seen in the US, where the police department has adopted mandatory arrest policy for domestic violence cases. For spousal violence cases, arrest based on probable cause could be done where the Police officers were allowed to arrest suspects without a warrant as long as the officers had probable cause whether he/she had witnessed the incident or not. This was happening in 23 states of the United States of America by the year 2005 (Hoctor, M. 007) Another reason why the police should participate in domestic violence policing is that, the legislation that protects people from domestic violence in most cases directs the police to intervene in protecting the victims of domestic violence. The police have the power to exercise arrest of criminals or offenders when need be. In policing domestic violence, domestic violence incidents should be stopped as soon as possible making the arrest of offenders by the police an effective means of stopping domestic abuse. This therefore makes it their vital responsibility in policing domestic violence with the responsibility aiming at stopping the conflict, as well as protecting and ensuring the immediate safety for the victims. As law enforcers, the police have a responsibility to ensure criminals are charged in court which mitigates future abuse. The police department receives reports on domestic violence from the community members and then investigates the cases to establish the cause of the abuse, the effects and the victim or offender. After establishing the facts about a case, offenders are charged in court. For instance policies allow police officers to apply for an apprehended violence order (AVO), which guides the judicial process (Lawrence, S. 101). Good police service initiatives in the police departments that enhance awareness in people about violence and service delivery show that they should have a good responsibility in domestic violence policing. The police departments in many nations have instituted the initiatives as a result of their recognition that a high percentage of people in our community are now aware that domestic violence is a crime. These initiatives include, public awareness through advertising campaigns, placement of domestic violence liaison officers (DVLO), specialized training for officers, working with the Attorney General and the development of COPS (Computerized Operational Policing system) to produce statistics relevant to the development of effective domestic violence prevention measures. The initiatives are a good indication of how effective the police department can be in domestic violence policing. The domestic violence issue has attracted widespread public concern, in the past and also in the current world. However, the past system differs with the current system in relation to how policing in domestic violence was/is handled. In the past, the number of domestic violence cases that were reported was fewer than the current number of the cases reported to the police. The continued increase of the reported cases in turn has necessitated the development of measures that will curb the violence effectively. This has led to the development of new measures/policies to address this problem. However, in the past, this problem was not handled with much seriousness as it is now which made the past system less effective in domestic violence policing. Cultural beliefs and practices in the past contributed to continued domestic abuse, because the victims were sometimes convinced that they deserved to be abused. Different societies have changed their beliefs towards domestic violence over time with people become more aware of domestic violence as a crime currently, which has greatly assisted in effective domestic violence policing. People are more willing to speak out about this issue in the modern world as compared to the past years. Modern police service initiatives have enhanced better domestic violence policing as compared to the past system of policing. For instance placement of domestic violence liaison officers (DVLO) in the local areas as a modern initiative has made it easy for people to report violence cases. In addition, offenders are easily apprehended and charged for their offences. In the past, lack of awareness in some victims and the community as a whole in policing encouraged continued abuse because the offender had no action taken against them. Current systems have developed specialized training for officers, which involves training of officers in response to domestic violence and other issues that surround domestic violence. On the other hand, the past systems did not have such training programs. The standard operating procedures (SOP) launching together with the development of computerized operational policing system (COPS) have been very instrumental in adoption of effective domestic violence policing measures in the modern systems (Policing Domestic Violence in New South Wales NSW,1999). The domestic violence policing have also experienced several problems. The policing may lack inadequate support which may in turn undermine how effective the policing can be in solving domestic violence. The police officers who handle domestic violence cases have been accused of not providing the involved parties with enough information and sometimes they have an inappropriate attitude towards the victims. In addition, they have shown unsympathetic, rude and indifferent behavior towards the victims. Nevertheless, solutions to these problems have been integrated in domestic violence policing programs to ensure domestic violence is prevented. Though domestic violence prevention measures were present in the past, current measures have been developed to improve on the past strategies

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Crusaders against the Wrong Choices Essay - 1489 Words

Crusaders against the Wrong Choices Drinking and driving has been a growing problem in our country and will most likely get worse before it gets better. According to, 41% of all traffic accidents in the country are alcohol-related. In 2002, this added up to a grand total of 17,419 deaths caused by somebody getting behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol (MADD). Naturally, statistics such as these, if the were presented effectively, would probably make quite a large number of people want to do something about the unnecessary deaths across the country. That’s where SADD comes in. SADD is a national student organization. When it was first founded in 1981, it was†¦show more content†¦The website explains that there are organizations in local areas that are supported by state organizations, which are supported by the national organization. The national organization consists of a national board of directors and a student leadership council made up of 18 students (SADD). There are a great many websites that support SADD, since there are so many branches throughout the country. One of those websites is This is a website for all SADD organizations in Florida. The purpose is basically the same as any other portion of SADD. This site encourages a drug and alcohol free environment in all students. This website targets students who may have some interest in getting involved with the organization. It has information on starting a club, calendars of events, contact information, and other useful data. From its appearance, the site’s main purpose is probably to recruit new members. Every organization has some method of recruitment, and for a statewide organization, a website is an effective way to do that. The starting page of the Florida site appeals directly to emotion. The first thing the viewer sees is an elaborate arrangement of the name of the organization, â€Å"Students Against Destructive Decisions†, arranged in big black letters at the top. The next things viewed are some depressing facts and statistics about substance abuse. This is a very effective way to grab a reader’s attention, since it’sShow MoreRelatedThe Song Of Roland : The Pagan And Christian Perspective1391 Words   |  6 Pages In the Song of Roland, although the concept of honor, a concern for personal honor, public opinion and ethics are explored in both the pagan and Christian perspective, the plot of the epic largely views the Christian to be right and pagans wrong. Although there are many references of pagan characteristics, some of which are praised, ultimately the religious beliefs of the pagans are used to overshadow their strengths. Below, evidence of the Christian ethics overshadowing the pagan perspective areRead MoreJesse Brassell. Mr Parrish. English Iii H. 3 March 2017.1549 Words   |  7 Pagesbaptised in the river Jordan and were growing more and more bold.. The Crusades ordered by Pope Urban the II were not only justified but necessary and are given a negative connotation to mold history to fit a modern narrative of Christian oppression against non Christians. The general narrative of the crusades as taught in most universities and classrooms can be summed up as just pure religious intolerance on part of the Christians to the point where are former President Barrack Obama wielded this distortedRead MoreBut What If We re Wrong By Chuck Klosterman1348 Words   |  6 Pageshow we will be viewed. In Chuck Klosterman’s novel â€Å"But what if we’re Wrong,† he delves into the idea of what past cultures would think of our views towards them as well as future generations analyses of us. We tend to make vague assumptions of their actions rarely considering their thoughts during the time. Many of their actions were based on the time they lived in and the resources available to them, not always having a choice towards joining different culture norms. Before we judge these past civilizationsRead MoreIslamic State And Boko Haram1664 Words   |  7 Pagesresponded by attacking the religion of Islam as well as the groups that perpe trated these events. Often referring to the beliefs held by groups—such as the Islamic State and Boko Haram—as a radical and medieval version of Islam, these individuals are not wrong in a sense, but rather they are failing to notice that no ancient religion is peaceful or nonviolent. It is true that the beliefs that are held by members of terrorist groups are archaic, but it isn’t because the culture and system of modern IslamRead More The Medieval Crusades Essay7204 Words   |  29 Pagesage, out country is experiencing a situation that is extremely similar to that that occurred in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, that which is the crusades. Crusades now can be defined as all wars undertaken in pursuance of a vow, and directed against infidels. But back in the middle ages it was known as any military expedition under taken by the Christians of Europe (Random House Webster’s 318). On September 11,2001 the people of America as well as all other free countries in our nation experienceRead MoreThe Fourth Crusade By Donald Queller And Thomas Madden2064 Words   |  9 Pagesworld of the middle ages, and provides insight into the relationships within the crusades. Soon after his promotion to papacy in 1198 Innocent III announced his goal for possession of the holy lands. He announced a crusade and put forth a call for crusaders to all towns including barons while excluding kings. Innocent III intended for the crusade to be wholly under the control of the papacy. Unfortunately, politically circumstances in Latin Europe was not ideal for a crusade. While Innocent III attemptedRead MoreThe Song of Roland and Christianity1483 Words   |  6 Pages12th centuries). While it is certainly a medieval Christian poem, the characters in the Song of Roland do not act in ways that one would expect of the early followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Instead, they act as you would expect medieval Christian crusaders to act. Like anything, Christianity has changed a lot throughout the ages. In the early days, when Jesus was still alive and teaching, he was a promoter of peace. He gained his followers not by force or violence, but by talking to them and demonstratingRead More The First Crusade and the Ideas of Crusading Essay1993 Words   |  8 Pagesconventional, secondly that a more positive reaction was drawn from the laity (due to the ideas surrounding Jerusalem), thirdly, that the original message of crusading had changed because of the horrible experiences of the first crusaders, fourth, that due to these experiences the crusaders developed their own concept of what a crusade was, and lastly, that these ideas were refined by (religious) writers and turned into an acceptable form of theology. Riley-Smith makes excellent points about the crusade; howeverRead MoreHillary Clinton s Stance On Women s Rights1090 Words   |  5 Pages Hilary Clinton is a strong and effective choice to serve as a messenger and manager of women’s rights globally. She has proven herself as a fierce advocate for women’s rights due to her strong and consistent record of effectively championing women’s rights, economically and politically. She has remained consistent throughout her career as an advocate for gender equality, human rights, and women’s rights policies. Throughout her time in the Senate, she advocated women’s rights and used her statusRead MoreDeath Of Stephen : An Era Of Persecution1653 Words   |  7 Pagesus will speak openly against men again if you suffer aught† But not everyone accepted martyrdom in Christianity, at least not if it was for the wrong reasons: for example, Saint Eulogius (spanish priest who died 859) insulted Muhammed and muslims for no reason, even though christians and muslims had been living almost peacefully together in Spain. Insulting their religion led to his execution. This was not seen as a good reason to die for because Saint Eulogius had a choice not to insult islam